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Are you planning to travel in a private jet from Dalaman to Moscow?

While perhaps not the first place to visit that comes to mind when one thinks of Moscow, the Moscow State University is home to a skyscraper from the Stalinist era, and it offers perfect views of the city as it is located just outside the city center. These include the center, parks, and the many fountains found nearby.

Flying Into Moscow

The cost to charter a jet makes economic sense when compared to ownership, as you don't incur sunken costs, your commitment is minimal, and it only occurs when you need it to.

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Moscow - Dalaman

Are you planning to travel in a private jet from Moscow to Dalaman?

The village of Kalkan in the Dalaman region of Turkey is the perfect place for rest and relaxation, and the resorts are beautifully situated, rising up into the hills. Below you can see the bay and town, a view that is spectacular both at night and in the daytime.

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