How it Works

Signature service, value, and flexibility.

Learn why Members choose XO as their preferred private aviation provider.

The XO Mobile App — The Best in its Class

Access competitive pricing for private jet charters. Explore flights across thousands of airports and destinations worldwide.

Ways to Fly

Private Charter

XO offers whole aircraft or crowdfunded private charter flights across the globe; clients can access a network of over 2,400 aircraft.

Individual seats

You can book individual seats on existing shared flights or create a crowdfunded flight.

The Fleet

XO is part of the Vista ecosystem. XO Members and clients can request flights on over 2,400 aircraft worldwide, including the 300+ aircraft in the Vista Members’ fleet and the safety-vetted XO alliance fleet of 2,100+ private aircraft — covering all cabin classes and offering global coverage for diverse passenger requirements.

Ways to Buy

Buy as You Fly

XO offers whole aircraft private charter flights as well as seats on shared charters, seamlessly and instantly bookable.

XO Membership

XO Membership gives clients significant benefits over non-members and is the most efficient, accessible, and transparent option in private aviation.

Exclusive Offers and Member Benefits

Access superior pricing for private charters and seats on private jets. Explore flights across thousands of airports and destinations worldwide.

Featured Flights

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