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The capital of Sicily, Palermo, is the cultural and economic center of the island. The city has been under Roman, Germanic, Arabic, and Christian rule. The abundance of cultures is reflected in the Palermo Cathedral, which was a mosque and a crypt at some point in time. Moorish elements can also be seen in the architecture, while the remains of Emperor Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire are also buried within. Byzantine architecture is most prevalent in the Capela Palatina, which dates back to 1132. The La Martorana Church is another magnificent display of the mixture of architectural influences. At the same time, the Palazzo dei Normanni, which served as the main seat of the kings of Sicily, exhibits Moorish and Norman influences. Another extremely unique experience is underground at the Capuchin Catacombs, which feature the burials and preserved bodies of various monks dating back centuries. For a relaxing afternoon, visit Monte Pellegrino, which offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean and the city of Palermo.

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