Essential Etiquette Tips for Private Jet Travelers

Dec 22, 2023

Understanding the Norms of Private Jet Etiquette

Anyone who has ever flown commercial knows the norms and behaviors when you find yourself sitting next to a stranger. We nod, make eye contact, and if you and your neighbor are in the mood for a conversation, you take it from there. These parameters are generally intuitive and well-followed. However, with the high demand we are seeing in private aviation, we think it's time to establish a new etiquette for those who fly private.

Bring Your Identification

You won’t have to wait in long TSA lines or adhere to liquid restrictions, but you’ll still need to bring identification (a driver’s license for domestic flights and passport for international) to show the crew prior to boarding.

Respect Other Private Flyers’ Personal Space

When flying on a private jet, respecting everyone’s private space is important. Whether you’re headed on a private jet vacation or to a business meeting, remember to be polite and keep your voice to a considerate volume. It’s also imperative not to get into other flyers’ personal space without their permission.

Punctuality Matters When Flying Private

Being punctual is essential when traveling on a private jet charter. Delays and tardiness can impact not only your own itinerary, but that of other private jet travelers. Aim to arrive 20 to 30 minutes before boarding and respect designated departure times for your private jet getaway. This helps make every flyer’s private jet charter experience seamless and efficient.

Treat Amenities and Furnishings Onboard a Private Charter with Care

Chartered private aircraft often come equipped with premium amenities and lavish interiors. Treating the private jet with care is a fundamental aspect of private flying etiquette. Avoiding 
undue wear and tear on the private charter’s furnishings and other luxuries ensures that the private aircraft remains in pristine condition for all private flyers’ enjoyment.

Understanding private aviation norms elevates the overall private travel experience for everyone involved. 


For more information on private jet travel or any questions you may have regarding luxury travel tips, please contact our Client Services team.