5 Good Reasons to Invest in the Private Aviation Sector

Over the past few years, US investors and venture capitalists the world over have been eyeing the private jet industry, and with good reason!

Now is the perfect time to invest in private aviation. As world air traffic increases, so have the hassles of flying commercial, which is creating greater demand for private air charters than ever before. To meet this increase in demand, existing private air charter operators are seeking to expand, and more start-ups are entering the market, which all means that the private aviation industry is seeking new funding sources.

Here are five reasons why now may be the best time to consider investing in a private aviation company.

1. Private Air Travel Is Becoming Accessible to More People  

Gone are the days when flying on a private jet was only something that could be done by the 1% of ultra-high net worth individuals. Today, many more people realize the advantages of flying private, from busy business execs to families, and new ways to fly private such as XO’s crowdfunded flights, making private jet charters more accessible than ever.

2. A Sky-High Opportunity To Get In On The Ground Floor

The markets for private aviation are expanding worldwide. While many private aircraft charter companies and related businesses are already serving the major cities, demand is growing in many “smaller” markets. This means there are many opportunities out there to get in on the first round of funding for a private aviation start-up in a new market.

3. The Business is Changing Radically

The entire private aviation sector is evolving rapidly. There are new business models, such as XO's ways to fly, which means there can be private aviation businesses and users that do not even need to own a fleet of aircraft!

4. The Impact of Technology

It is the technology of the shared economy that is revolutionizing private air travel. Apps like XO's are cropping up, but we were one of the first to offer an “Uber model” for private jets. We have flown over 200,000 passengers on over 44,000 global flights with a perfect safety record!

5. The Need for Business Aviation is Growing

According to the National Business Aviation Association, business aviation has shown slow but steady growth since 2012. A report issued by the organization towards the end of 2018 said, “flight utilization continues to increase in the key markets of North America and Europe, a sure and steady indicator of a gradually improving market. Increases Year-over-Year in the low- to mid-single digit percentages are welcome developments, growing somewhat faster than the underlying fleet, with newer aircraft leading the pack.” Much of this expanding need for private business travel is being driven by smaller <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> companies that are seeing the value in business private jet memberships. Our model, and others, are making it possible for smaller firms - that may not be able to afford to own their own corporate jets - to leverage the many advantages of private jet travel.

Investors See The Value In XO's Groundbreaking Technology

Major investors have recognized how, since its inception, XO has revolutionized the way people search, book, and fly on private jet charters. XO marks the beginning of a new world for all private aviation customers. This new brand provides elevated services for on-demand private jet travel.

With our ways to fly and XO Membership, XO puts the world at your fingertips.

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