XO Shared Membership

Fly beyond.™
XO Shared Membership is our membership program for those who are ready to take that first step onto the red carpet. At XO we believe that even those who typically fly less than 15 hours per year should have a stake in our reinvention of private aviation.
What You Get

XO Shared Membership is the membership designed to introduce ourselves to you, it is the handshake that will lead to a beautiful friendship. With a RISE membership, whether you are creating a charter flight, offering seats on your flight, or booking a seat on an existing flight, you gain access to the instant satisfaction of our On-Demand solution.

  • Experience our broad range of superior aircraft with priority access to more than 1500 light, midsize, super-mid, and large-cabin aircraft, through our XO Preferred Operator Network.
  • Our inspired flexibility allows you to book anything from full private jet charters to a single on-demand seat, all at prices that you will find satisfying.
  • Because travel spontaneity is one of the joys of living – we offer spur of the moment empty leg and last-minute seat deals, for leisure or business or a win/win combination of both.
  • Our dazzling On-Demand app lets you sell seats on your charter flights, initiate crowdfunded flights, and book seats on existing flights – all at your fingertips.
  • Since no one can replace a human being – in the cockpit or on the phone - a dedicated Aviation Advisor is available to you whenever you book a full charter.
  • Our outstanding after-you-land benefits are available to all RISE members, as well as access to partner benefits such as complimentary perks and discounts.
Join Us and Rise Up
XO Shared Membership is unique in the industry. We created it because we saw the need for a membership option for those who do not intend to fly private with great frequency, but are still ready to join us as we soar to a new level of expectations. For an annual membership investment of $595 you can join our community of those who are fortunate enough to put the warrior world of commercial flying behind them.