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Credit Utilization Policy

This credit utilization policy (“Policy”) describes the terms and conditions applicable to the utilization of gratuitous credits issued by XO Global LLC (“XO”) from time to time to XO customers for use as described in this Policy. Capitalized terms used in this Policy shall have the meaning given to them in Member’s Membership Agreement, unless otherwise defined in this Policy.


1.      Definitions.   

“Affiliated Carrier” means XOJET Aviation LLC (dba Vista America), Red Wing Aeroplane, LLC (dba Vista America), Jet Select, LLC (dba Vista America), Western Air Charter Inc. (dba Vista America), Talon Air, LLC, VistaJet Limited, or VistaJet GmbH.

“Other Carrier” means any carrier other than an Affiliated Carrier.

“Flight Cost” means the cost of air transportation itself (exclusive of taxes and fees).


2.      Terms

Loyalty Credits. Loyalty Credits may be redeemed for up to:

-         25% of the Flight Cost of a whole aircraft charter or individual seat purchase on a crowdfunded flight or shared flight initiated by XO, in each case where the flight is scheduled to be performed by an Affiliated Carrier; or

-        10% of the Flight Cost of any whole aircraft charter scheduled to be performed by an Other Carrier.

Loyalty Credits are subject to a maximum utilization for any single eligible purchase of: (a) USD 3,000 for XO Membership, XO Shared Membership XO Select Access and legacy XOJET Select Access Members, and (b) USD 6,000 for XO Reserve, XO Signature Access, legacy XOJET Preferred Access, XO Elite Access, legacy XOJET Elite Access, and legacy XOJET Corporate Access Members.

Flight Credits.  Flight Credits may be redeemed for up to 25% of the Flight Cost of any single flight subject to a maximum of USD 3,000 for Select and Signature Access Members or XO Membership Members, and a maximum of USD 6,000 for XO Reserve and Elite Access Members.

Promotional Credits.  Promotional Credits may be redeemed for up to 10% of the Flight Cost of any single flight subject to a maximum of USD 1,000 for Select, Signature and Elite Access Members, XO Membership and XO Reserve Members, and a maximum of USD 250 for all other customers.

Rebate Credits.  If a Select, Signature or Elite Access Member or XO Reserve or XO Membership Member sells a seat or multiple seats on a shared flight, XO will issue the sale price of the sold seat(s), minus any commission due to XO, in the form of Rebate Credit. Rebate Credit may be redeemed for up to 100% of the Flight Cost of any single flight.


3.      Miscellaneous

All credits types: (a) are non-transferrable, (b) may not be redeemed for any monetary value, (c) may be earned only on flight services and cannot be earned on ancillary charges or other services, (d) cannot be earned or utilized by non-members, unless otherwise stated in this Policy or a valid promotional offer, (e) may not be combined to offset the cost of any single flight or transaction, and (f) shall automatically expire upon the earlier of (i) expiration or termination of the Member’s membership, unless otherwise stated in a valid promotional offer or (ii) twelve months from the date of issuance, save in the case of Rebate Credits, which shall expire pursuant to 3(f)(i). Unless otherwise specified in a valid written agreement, credits transferred from an affiliate of XO shall remain subject to the limitations applicable at the time of transfer. Credits utilized to offset Flight Services must be applied at the time of booking, relate to the aircraft reserved and Member’s membership tier at the time of booking, and may not be used to offset Flight Services already performed. For example, if Member reserves a flight performed by an Affiliated Carrier and applies Loyalty Credits to offset 25% of the Flight Cost at the time of booking, and the flight is ultimately performed by an Other Carrier, Member may still offset 25% of the Flight Cost using Loyalty Credits, provided the Loyalty Credits were applied at the time of booking. By further example, if a Select Access Member reserves a Flight Service and applies Flight Credits to offset USD 3,000 of the Flight Cost at the time of booking, and Member subsequently transitions to an Elite Access Membership before the flight is performed, Member may not apply an additional USD 3,000 to offset the Flight Cost.

XO reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time, effective within 30 days of publication of an updated version on its website or mobile application. You are responsible for regularly reviewing this Policy. Continued use of XO’s services, website or mobile application after 30 days from publication of any such modifications shall constitute your consent to the modified terms. Headings are for reference purposes only. The failure to enforce (or selective enforcement of) any rights under this Agreement will not be deemed to be a waiver of those rights or to preclude any other.