St Moritz

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St Moritz in Switzerland is known as an upscale resort town specializing in alpine sports, evidenced by the fact that it has hosted the winter Olympics twice. Moreover, the town is known for its beautiful mountain lakes, and it attracts outdoor enthusiasts year-round. Of course, the city is known for its skiing and snowboarding and is the highest resort in Switzerland, featuring over 20 ski lifts. There are also ice skating options, both natural and man-made, as well as a wide variety of other winter sports options. The funicular to Corvigia provides beautiful scenery, and visitors can enjoy both the scenery and skiing options, as well as the romantic restaurant. Other lovers of beautiful scenery will enjoy the Glacier Express, which travels for 7 hours through gorgeous mountain passes. Other attractions include the beautiful St. Moritz Lake and various water sports, as well as absolutely breathtaking mountain hiking trails.

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