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Much of Seville's architecture is the capital of the Andalucia region and has roots in Moorish times. As such, the fascinating (and massive) Seville Cathedral was once a mosque. The tomb of Christopher Colombus is found inside. Furthermore, the Giralda bell tower, right next to the Cathedral, was once a minaret with spectacular views at the top. Another prime example of Moorish architecture is the spectacular Real Alcázar, a palace that the Spanish Royal Family still uses. On the other hand, the Triana area is associated with many things that are typically Spanish, such as flamenco and painted frescoes. Meanwhile, Maria Luisa Park is a green space in the city center, filled with palm-lined avenues, pavilions, fountains, and more.

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Regardless of the specific kind of private flight to Seville you choose, there are a few different airports in Seville that will accommodate your choice

La Juliana
Sevilla / Moron

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