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The capital city of the Sarawak region of Malaysia (on the island of Borneo), Kuching lies on the Sarawak River and is known for being culturally different from other parts of Malaysia, as it is home to several indigenous peoples and their way of life can be learned at the Sarawak Cultural Village. There are many cat statues in the city, as well as a Cat Museum (it is said that when the first British Rajah asked locals for the name of the city, they thought he was pointing to a cat, which is called 'Kuching' in Malay). Much of the action in the city happens along the waterfront, as it is not only the sight of some of the main attractions such as Fort Margherita and Astana but also the ideal place to people watch. Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to Bako National Park, which features seven different ecosystems.

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