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Lying on the banks of the popular Lake Worthersee, Klagenfurt is the sixth-largest city in Austria. Due to the beautiful tree-covered mountains nearby and the lake, which is ideal for swimming in the summertime, the area has been popular with Austria's elites since the 19th century. Termed 'Austria's Monte Carlo,' there is much to do in the area besides relaxing on the waters. Hochosterwitz Castle is magnificent, while Rauschelesee Lake features both picturesque waters and woodlands. The 100-meter tall Pyramidenkogel is the tallest wooden viewing tower in the world, while Neuer Platz in the city center is home to the Town Hall, various statues, restaurants, and shops.

Flying Into Klagenfurt

Regardless of the specific kind of private flight to Klagenfurt you choose, there are a few different airports in Klagenfurt that will accommodate your choice

Klagenfurt Worthersee
Lesce / Bled
Slovenj Gradec

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