Are you planning to travel in a private jet to Hanoi?

The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has diverse offerings for those who visit. On the one hand, you can see remnants of colonialist times, such as the Long Bien Bridge and the Hoa Lo Prison, later dubbed the "Hanoi Hilton" during the Vietnam War, as that was where captured American prisoners were kept. The city also features many traditional pagodas and temples, as well as Hoan Kiem Lake, which is said to be enchanted and has a mythological turtle swimming in its waters. On the other, the city is modernizing quickly, as evidenced by the Lotte Tower, whose observation deck offers sprawling views of the city below. Hanoi is also well known for its plethora of dining options, including the famous Vietnamese Pho noodles and Banh Mi sandwiches.

Flying Into Hanoi

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