Why Using Private Jet Services is Better than Owning a Jet

Why Using Private Jet Services is Better than Owning a Jet

It’s hard to know who owns their own jets, but some whose names are known better than many and can afford their own jet, now choose to use private jet subscription services such as JetSmarter


Flying private has advantages that cannot be found when using commercial airlines. Some of those perks include being able to drive right up to the hanger where the private jet is and skip most of the lines or pat-downs. A private jet affords passengers a more luxurious ride and possibly a chance to hobnob with celebrities or world-renowned business leaders.


Even for a billionaire, it costs tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a private jet and that doesn’t include the additional costs of where you park your jet, and painting it (sometimes more than $50K just for that). Then you have to pay for a pilot and of course the cost of fuel.  Even for the very wealthy, they may not necessarily want to worry about those costs for an ongoing basis. 


But still, flying private is an amazing experience, so when new services started becoming available for an annual fee and then seats often costing less than what would be charged on a commercial flight – well, you might be saying – “sign me up!”


We know there are some who have done just that. Some of them might occasionally be able to catch a ride with their celebrity friends who not only own one or more private jets, but also fly them, like Harrison Ford, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise – but those guys are unlikely to ditch their jets, they have way too much fun flying them.


When the well-known of the world can’t catch a flight on a friend’s jet, then using a service is ideal.


A real estate attorney, Ed Mermelstein caught a private flight only to find one of the passengers was Jamie Foxx – they shared the ride going from White Plains to Atlanta and Mermelstein said, speaking of Foxx, “He was great, and very personable, talking with passengers throughout the flight. You never know who you will meet, and I now look forward to flying.”


Christopher Chris Burch, billionaire entrepreneur and investor, has owned a private jet for several years and enjoyed it very much. But it’s rumored he may sell his plane because the cost of the fuel can be outrageous at times, and maybe he just doesn’t fly enough anymore to make it worthwhile.


The average in-air time for a private jet is about 240 hours per year, not bad, but that’s only 24 10-hour flights. The optimal hours, however, is more in the 1,000 plus hours per year. Just like a house sitting empty for long periods of time causes wear and tear, so does lack of flight time cause it in a private jet.


Do you know someone with a private jet you could hop on a ride with? If not, and you need to do a lot of flying annually, then joining a private jet community like JetSmarter may be just the ticket.