Soar with an XO Membership

You may already know that XO provides an asset-light alternative to full and fractional jet ownership while delivering a premium end-to-end travel experience. What you may not know is that being an XO Member can further elevate your travel life. 

We offer a range of XO Memberships to suit the diverse needs of every type of flyer.

XO Membership provides many enhanced benefits, such as: 

  • Guaranteed availability, with as little as 24 hours notice
  • Dynamic pricing options and fixed hourly rates 
  • Full deposit refundability, with funds withdrawable anytime and never expiring
  • Earn up to 4% loyalty credit back per flight for full aircraft charters*
  • 0% service fee for members on all bookings
  • Complimentary aircraft upgrades
  • Access to Jet Deals, Empty legs and other unique offers.

Trusted worldwide, XO revolutionises access to private aviation through our unique membership programs, operational excellence, and cutting-edge technology. Everything we do – such as offering transparent pricing on the XO mobile app, an unparalleled level of service, and fully refundable membership deposits – sets us apart while providing you with an elevated private aviation experience. The XO Experience.

XO Global LLC is not a direct air carrier and does not operate any aircraft. All flights will be operated by properly licensed US or foreign air carriers. Membership is subject to the terms of the applicable Access Membership Agreement.