How Safe is Your Private Jet Operator? Ask These 5 Questions

How Safe is Your Private Jet Operator? Ask These 5 Questions


When considering one private jet charter offer over another, it is easy to compare things like price. At JetSmarter, it is our pledge to always offer you the most competitive pricing available for a seat or a full private jet charter. However, we also promise to offer you the safest travel experience possible.

When searching for a private jet charter, safety – and not price – should be your primary concern. Here are five questions you should ask of any jet charter you are considering, as compiled by Dan Ramirez, Director of Safety for one of our top Operator Partners XOJET.

1. Is a Commitment to Security and Safety Part of Your Company Culture?

Ramirez says the key to answering this most critical question is to  find out whether the company has a safety management system (SMS).  “If the company doesn’t have a safety management system, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good operator, but it does indicate how seriously it takes safety,” says Ramirez. “You should be able to ask, what’s your process for risk analysis? What do you do when something bad happens? You should be able to ask not just the safety expert at the company but also the salesperson. Risk assessment in a true safety management system is company-wide, much like it is at XOJET.”

2. Do You Have the Safety Record to Back it Up?

An impeccable reputation for safety and the ability to back it up are critically important in any private charter operator you are considering. JetSmarter has flown over 200,000 passengers on over 44,000 global flights with a perfect safety record.

3. Do You Have An On-going Plan to Improve Safety?

By asking this question you are effectively asking, “if the company has a safety management system in place, what level has their SMS reached?” The answer depends on the amount of safety-occurrence and safety-trend data it has gathered and can analyze. “The UN International Civil Aviation Organization categorizes safety management systems as having four stages,” explains Ramirez. According to Ramirez, no private aviation operator has achieved the fourth and highest level, but XOJET is at the third, and expects to hit the fourth within the next two years.  

4. Do You Meet or Exceed Industry Standards?

Ramirez says you can get a clear indication of how transparent a company’s safety practices are from the safety ratings it has been awarded by organizations that conduct the most widely respected aviation safety audits. JetSmarter employs stricter and more deliberately enforced security procedures than most other private aviation industry leaders, including fractional jet providers, jet cards, and other shared flight services. The company fully complies with and exceeds federal requirements, and has deep, cooperative relationships with law enforcement to help promote safe and secure air travel.

5. Do You Collaborate With Other Operators

Clients should ask private aviation providers, “Do you share safety lessons with others?” This allows you to understand if the company is very proactive in getting the safety message out to everybody, even to the competition,” says Ramirez.

More Safety Considerations When Booking a Private Jet Charter

One more thing to consider before you book your next private jet charter is a membership in JetSmarter. Not only do we work with top charter operators such as XOJET that meet or exceed all of the safety considerations mentioned above, we have made booking a seat on a private jet as easy as booking a room with Airbnb.

The JetSmarter Difference at a Glance

  • Digital guaranteed availability at market favorable pricing
  • Ability to sell unused seats to defray cost
  • Access to thousands of aircraft worldwide through our app
  • Operator performance statistics per option presented
  • If you would like a custom option, we provide enriched quotes with information beyond pricing to compare your options
  • 24/7 customer support by aviation experts via app, phone and email

Our on-demand solution has completely digitized the private aviation experience and provides guaranteed availability on anything from a full private charter to a single shared seat on an existing flight, all at competitive, market favorable prices.

It is truly a revolution in private aviation.

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