How to Offset Private Jet Ownership Expenses With Charter Income

How to Offset Private Jet Ownership Expenses With Charter Income


If you own a private jet did you know that you could significantly reduce your operating expenses by making your executive jet available to private charter customers when it is not in use?

For travelers that only need to fly privately a few times a year it seldom makes sense to own a private jet. If you need to fly only a handful of times by private jet, the many options for “on demand” private jet charter available today are perfect for you. Still, there are those individuals and businesses who need to fly so frequently that only owning a private plane will do.

However, owning a private jet is an expensive prospect, even for the wealthiest of individuals. The investment in a private aircraft encompasses much more than just the initial purchase price, which of course in and of itself is substantial.

There are the additional costs that come with owning your own aircraft, such as hangar fees, routine maintenance, crew training and certification, salary and benefits for flight crews and maintenance technicians, insurance, inspection fees, and a host of other expenses required to keep your aircraft operating in compliance and maintained at peak performance.

However, you can offset many of those costs, and reduce the cost of operating your private jet by placing her in a charter fleet.

How Much Money Can I Save By Chartering My Private Jet?

How much you can generate in revenue in charter income will vary based on many factors, from the type of aircraft you have, to how often you make her available, to who you decide to partner with. However, generally speaking, by making it available for charter, you can expect to reduce the operating and maintenance expenses of your private jet by about 80%. Given how high those costs, can be, you can easily see how that translates to significant savings.

In fact, no matter how little or how much you fly your jet, chartering your private plane is an excellent way to offset many or your fixed costs. The savings can total well over one million dollars per year!

The demand for private jet charter has increased significantly in the past few years. That does not mean that someone should run out and buy a private aircraft with the intension of making a profit on jet charters – that is still not practical. However,

today is an outstanding time to own a jet and take advantage of the cost savings afforded by offering the aircraft for charter.

Creating Bigger and Better Opportunities for Private Jet Charter

How successfully you can generate charter revenue with your private aircraft, of course depends on who you decide to partner with.

Regardless of the type of jet you own or operate, if you are interested in expanding your markets and earning charter income, now is a better time than ever to consider becoming an Operator Partner with JetSmarter!

By partnering with JetSmarter, you will be able to make the most of your aircraft by gaining access to the world’s largest marketplace of active private jet flyers. In fact, it was that ever-expanding marketplace that attracted Vista Global’s CEO Thomas Flohr to JetSmarter and led him to bring us under the wing of one of the largest private jet charter operations in the world!

“This acquisition is an important milestone for Vista Global, accelerating and executing our vision of digitizing the entire private aviation offering. Customers today want speed, reliability and value, which in today’s world is only possible with technology,” said Flohr when he announced the acquisition.

“Vista Global’s reach and infrastructure will take JetSmarter to the global stage to fully realize its potential. JetSmarter’s technology will digitize Vista Global’s market-leading customer offering to program members and on-demand customers.”

Don’t be left behind and miss out on the digital revolution in private aviation!

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