New Tech May Making Streaming Netflix on Private Jets Easier

Sep 17, 2021


With all the luxury features and amenities available on a private jet, you would think having access to stream your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, would not be a problem. However, you might be surprised to find out that reliable video streaming is not always a given on private aircraft.

Of course, with current satellite technology, it is possible to video stream movies on a private jet. But, such services do not come cheap, and can sometimes add considerably to the cost of a seat on a private jet charter.

Add to that the simultaneous broadband Internet requirements of other passengers on board, and there’s a very good chance that someone will need to compromise or accept a reduced standard. Watching movies at a reduced quality is hardly an acceptable compromise if you’re paying a lot of money for a luxury air charter.

This is where French company, Airmont comes into the equation. Using patented encryption technology, the company’s Airmont-Cast solution is able to compress and stream media – Netflix, Twitch, YouTube, TV applications, etc – to Android, iOS or Windows 10 devices while consuming only a portion of the bandwidth available from the business jet’s standard Internet pipe.

A Revolution In Video Streaming for Private Jets

At the recent European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Airmont executive chairman & founder Jean-François Gault explained how Airmont is seeking to usher in a revolution in how private jet customers view streaming content with Airmont-Cast.

“We offer an over-the-top service, complementary to whatever IFE and connectivity is already available on the aircraft. It enables customers to access streaming video content from their phone or other device in a way that’s compatible with the bandwidth capability of [the] plane’s satellite links. The way we do that is by delivering their content in a highly compressed form, but maintaining quality when they view it,” said Gault. 

By using only a fraction of the bandwidth that would normally be consumed, operators can enable multiple users on board and reduce costs, Gault added.  Further noting that Airmont-Cast can also make reliable streaming available to those with smaller bandwidth packages.

How it Works

Passengers are free to use the existing WiFi on board a given aircraft. If they want to enhance that experience,  they need to subscribe to Airmont-Cast via their smartphone of other mobile device. When content is chosen, the request passes through the Airmont-Cast Gateway via the satellite link to a server, part of Airmont’s ground infrastructure.

The content then streams through a regular ground-based broadband link, via an encoder, which compresses it, and sends it back to the aircraft via the satellite connectivity pipe. On reaching the private aircraft, an Airmont-Cast decoder makes the content available for viewing.

The only additional equipment needed by the aircraft operator is the gateway and the decoder. Right now, these are standalone items, but Gault expects more versatile, permanently installed equipment to become available before the end of the year.

Another Example of Game Changing Technology in Private Aviation

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