Meet Member of the Month, Mark Evans DM

Meet Member of the Month, Mark Evans DM

JetSmarter commends Mr. Evans for never losing sight of his dreams as he navigates wisely through his successful business endeavors, and exotic destinations.

Home Port:                   Palm Beach, Florida  
Current Residence:      Cleveland, Ohio
Travel Frequency:        7 flights since joining in January 
Shuttle Routes:             South Florida to New York & LA

This month, JetSmarter recognizes an exemplary member, friend and mentor-to-many whose philosophies also ring well with us. He is the CEO of American Wealth Builders and his name is Mark Evans DM. Mark believes that successful deal-making can and should happen where and when you want, “virtually”. A self-described “digital nomad”, Mark lives and works wherever he wants, staying connected and building a thriving business from his mobile devices while comfortably travelling the world.

His company helps real estate business investors diversify their portfolio with passive, income-producing properties in strategically chosen markets. His pleasure: putting these deals together while sitting on a tropical island beach, or at a European café, depending on where his penchant for travel takes him.

Mr. Evans runs one of the largest real estate turn-key companies around, and with clients both near and far, JetSmarter has helped him effectively connect the dots, on a whole different level. Not to mention, Mark just loves to strike deals in the air.

“So many great connections on these flights… You're sitting on a private jet with amazing people…many business people from my experience. And, so many high-level conversations happen. Deals go down right on the jet. I recently met a guy on a JetSmarter flight with whom I’ve already done many deals and we have several more in the works.” said Mr. Evans.

Dedicated to the needs of various types of clients, Mark benefits from the interpersonal aspect of sharing a jet with an assortment of passengers, many of whom have come to learn that they can benefit from his diplomacy, and vice-versa. He shares, “I’m excited to meet many more on the next jet.”

Add to that, the time-saving flexibility of flying private with JetSmarter and our shuttles become the logical way to travel.

“Palm Beach, Florida is home base as well as Cleveland, Ohio but we love the simplicity of flying to amazing locations, privately. My wife and 7-month-old have consistently had a great experience with JetSmarter and always look forward to the next trip. We love NYC and LA, and now with the shuttle services, it's amazing how simple it is to book and fly private from Florida.”

Mark maintains, “This membership has more than paid for itself, many times over, and it's been amazing to tell friends about JetSmarter.”

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