Launch Your Career with a Private Jet Membership

Launch Your Career with a Private Jet Membership

Flying private is almost guaranteed to take your business further than it’s ever gone before.


A Private Jet Membership Can Boost Your Professional Life

Virtually all aspects of our lives are affected by our careers, and how far we may have climbed the corporate or entrepreneurial ladder. It can decide our standard of living, the car we drive, and even the people we marry. So, it comes as no surprise that people spend years obtaining degrees, and countless hours in training programs that serve to boost their career options.


However, there’s one other, very effective and often overlooked way that you might make it to the top while meeting the right people and impressing important clients: Join a private jet membership club. Not convinced? From networking opportunities to closing deals at 35,000 feet in the air, here’s how joining a private jet community can improve your professional life.


Impressing Clients

Most companies and entrepreneurs work to impress big clients by wining and dining them at gourmet restaurants or footing their bill at high-end hotels. This is nothing new. So if you’d like to get ahead of the competition, a private jet membership is the way to go. Fly clients to meet you in unexpected style while immediately boosting their perception of you, and your business, before you even shake hands.



There is no better place to meet other successful entrepreneurs than on a shared private jet flight. This is a great way to network with other professionals, no matter how successful you may already be. Chances are you’ll meet some very influential people including key professionals in your industry. This is likely to take your business to the next level and make a huge difference in your career.


Saving Time

Flying private saves time. Lots of it. Primarily because there’s no need to check in hours in advance or go through painfully long TSA lines. Private jets also get access to smaller airports, which may be closer to your home, work, or destination, cutting down your commute time  significantly. Take successful real estate agent and JetSmarter member, Noah Traisman who lives a bicoastal lifestyle between New York City and Hollywood. Mr. Traisman says, “I save almost 40 hours a month by avoiding commercial airports which adds almost a full business week of productivity.”


Saving Money

For professionals who travel frequently, a private jet membership can also save money. JetSmarter offers a membership that allows travelers to book unlimited, complimentary empty-leg flights as part of their yearly membership. Traveling professionals can take advantage of these unprecedented services to pay other corporate offices a visit, hold meetings remotely, meet with potential clients, capture photos for their travel blogs, or just go on a fitful vacation.


Taking your Business International

Flying private also opens up an international market. You never know whom you might meet on a luxurious shared charter, or from where they hail. Then, with JetSmarter empty-leg flights to multiple locations, businesspeople have an even better reason to consider taking their business abroad. After all, a flight anywhere is just a tap away.


In many of today’s saturated markets, businesses and the people behind them need an extra edge to get ahead. While a higher education and work experience go a long way, flying private is almost guaranteed to take your business further than it’s ever gone before.



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