Last Minute Trips Are Often the Best Ones

Last Minute Trips Are Often the Best Ones

Most people spend a month or two planning their trips. But for avid travelers, the urge to get in the air or on the road can come from nowhere. While some people look forward to going home for a relaxing weekend, others more adventurous dream of their next spur-of-the-moment dream destination.


It might seem a little crazy, but sometimes, planning is overrated. How about a last-minute getaway instead? Here are several ways to make one happen:


Keep Sitters Handy

Whether you need a sitter for the kid, the dog, or the house, keep one readily available. What keeps many from traveling are the obligations they assume, to put it simply. Who’s going to take care of little Jimmy and the Goldendoodle? Then, the plumber was supposed to stop by but no one is home to let him in. The potential conflicts can rule our lives, but only if we let them. Keeping a sitter, or two, at your beckoned call makes it easier to leave when the urge to travel strikes.


It never hurts to smooth out a whimsical travel approach with some semblance of a plan in place.

This may mean starting a travel fund, or just keeping a travel grab bag handy and picking up a Social Membership with JetSmarter.


Get Access to Private Jets

Catching a last-minute commercial flight is tricky. More often than not, the most desirable routes are overbooked, thwarting your plans.


This is just one of the reasons why so many are turning to JetSmarter; travelers can use the app to book last-minute JetDeals™ and jet away in a matter of hours. JetSmarter members travel in good taste and utmost comfort. JetSmarter Social Members can jet away, stay, work and play exactly the way they want.


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