Jet Card or FLYXO – Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

Jet Card or FLYXO – Ask Yourself These 5 Questions


Today, there are more options than ever to fly on a private jet. As always, you could purchase your own plane, or you can charter an entire aircraft as needed. However, recently there have been several other options introduced that have made private aviation more accessible to more travelers. These include memberships, such as are available with XO and jet cards.

If you are considering either of these options, you need to ask yourself these five questions, to determine if a jet card, or an XO Membership is right for you.

1. How often do you need to travel via private jet? – If you are considering either a jet card or jet membership, then you already know that you expect to fly a decent number of hours annually. The minimum purchase on most jet cards is 25 hours, and for some it is 50. But, if you know you will need a private jet for anywhere from 25 to 100 or more hours a year, a membership is a much better option, particularly if you have a business and will have various staff members who need access to the jet, a business membership would be ideal. 

2. Who will be flying? – This is another very important question, closely related to the question above. If your flying is mainly personal, and you usually will fly between limited locations, a jet card could be the right choice. However, if you travel for business, and need to travel between various locations such as, New York to Washington, and New York to LA, or New York to Miami, you need the flexibility of a jet membership. A jet card locks you into a specific class of jet. That can work for you if you always know your route and the kind of jet needed -- but  jet memberships offer you the flexibility of on- demand access to multiple routes and types of private aircraft. Why pay for a heavy jet, when a light jet will do?

3. What are the relative costs?  -  The main attraction to jet cards is that they come with guaranteed availability -- whenever you want a jet, it will basically be available to you within 24-hour notice. But, that kind of access comes with a price. In fact, it comes with a fixed price that locks you into the cost of a flight. Think of it like buying a very costly insurance policy. Yes, it’s there when you need it, but you are paying a lot of money for times when you are not using it. Some people need such costly insurance, many do not. On the other hand, with a jet membership such as XO’s, there are no pre-purchased flight hours, and you are not restricted to a single aircraft. Rather simply search, see guaranteed availability options and book within seconds.

4. Does the type of private jet you fly make a difference to you? – Once again, if you are sure that your travel needs will never change and locking in one and only one type or class of private jet will work for you, then a jet card is a viable option. However, if your needs change often, in terms of distance, or numbers of passengers, then you absolutely need the additional flexibility of a private jet membership program.  

5. How far in advance can you plan to book a private jet? – One of the main advantages that both jet cards and jet memberships have over traditional chartering of a private jet, or fractal jet ownership, is that in either case, you can grab a private flight on short notice – sometimes in as little as 24 hours in advance. However, only a jet membership offers the guaranteed, short notice availability of a jet card, without tying you into a particular class of jet. If your business or personal life requires you to fly at a moment’s notice, on any type of private jet, then a private jet membership is your better choice.

If Membership is Your Answer

If, after asking yourself the five questions above, a private jet membership comes up as your better choice, we want you to know that an XO membership is your best option. We were one of the first to offer private jet memberships, and we are continuing to evolve to suit the needs of the private aviation public.

While other membership programs struggle to catch up, we have already, created a better way to fly private, one that provides the private flyer with guaranteed availability of flights at market friendly prices that are often less than any other way to book or fly privately, such as Jet Cards, Private Charter, or Fractional Jet Ownership.

We have made booking a seat on a private jet as easy as booking a room with Airbnb. And just like on Airbnb where you can book anything from a yurt to a mansion – with XO you can find anything from light to heavy jet!

Our on-demand solution has completely digitized the private aviation experience and provides guaranteed availability on anything from a full private charter to a single shared seat on an existing flight, all at competitive, market favorable prices.

It is truly a revolution in private aviation.

If you would like more information about this post, or any of our programs, please feel free to contact our team at +1-888-80-FLY-XO.

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