When Italy Reopens ... This Is The First Place We Want To Go

It will happen. Italy and its magic and wonders and unquenchable spirit will be open to travelers once again.  To keep us focused on how wonderful that moment will be, we are asking members of our XO community to share their #firstplacetogo with us.

We will tell you ours: The Piazza San Marco in Venice. It's been called "Europe's Drawing Room" - and as the largest public square in Italy, and one of the world's most magnificent spaces, we are always mesmerized by the way that the glorious architecture that surrounds it, interacts with the rich human theater of life that puts on a never-ending performance.

We long for the time it will re-open. What is on the top of your post-Corona travel list - either a place you have never been or a familiar one whose comfort you want to return to? Let us know.  Thinking about the future will help us all get through the present.

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