Heights of Photography Winners

There's a reason we can't resist holding our cameras to the airplane window to capture a particularly gorgeous moment in time. It's a majesty that's worth preserving - but it takes a unique talent to do it well. Those gifts were well-exhibited in the remarkable photos that XO and our parent company Vista Global received for our "New Heights of Photography" competition. In no particular order, here are our three winners.

We are honored to present "From the Cockpit," photographed by XOJET Aviation's own pilot Bill Mackinzie. What drew us to this image, snapped on a voyage from Bedford, Massachusetts to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the dramatic juxtaposition of the controls and the boundless sky. It's a beautifully composed shot that reminds us why pilots love what they do.

Next up is "Mountain Glory," by Jenei Piccone.  The dramatic mountaintop, the framing of the wing, and the crimson tones of the sky combine to create a memorable image of her journey from Seattle to Los Angeles. Jenei sent us a collection of photos that she writes "were captured over the last four years. I was traveling to different cities each week, all random hours of the day." There's certainly nothing random about this shot!

Lastly, "Up Here," by Paul Krizan, was shot high above the clouds during a cross-country flight from Charleston to Los Angeles. It features the vibrant glow of the sun illuminating perfect puffy clouds, as well as another aircraft off in the distance. Paul tells us that this is one of the earliest photos he ever captured with his iPhone, and he selected it “because of the colors, patterns, and the small details. Catching another plane in the distance with a trail behind is what really made it for me.”

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