The Fastest-Growing Private Jet Company In The World

Sep 17, 2021

The secret to our success begins with a thoughtful, resourceful plan to solve the inefficiencies in our sky.  Add an innovative technology and sound economics together, and you get JetSmarter.

The aviation industry desperately needed an overhaul, and the travelers deserved one. Here’s how our unique business model is doing well to disrupt the industry and satisfy huge demand. 


  • Before JetSmarter, only 65% of private flights in the sky flew occupied. JetSmarter buys the excess capacity and underutilized air space from aircraft carriers & owners for a fraction of their retail price. Our partners include Delta Private Jets, Jet Linx, Jet Edge, and Air Hamburg. And, we have many more coming. 
  • ​We don't have the fixed and variable costs that aircraft operators have, as we don't own any planes, we don't employ pilots, and we aren't responsible for maintaining the aircraft. This is all left to our trusted partners who efficiently carry these expenses and responsibilities.
  • JetSmarter aggregates demand for aircraft on a per-seat basis, which increases the economies of scale significantly, and provides for a low cost per person. As a member, your first seat is free on all our JETSHUTTLES, and you can get 3-4 free seats per JETDEAL flight you book. Members may purchase additional companion seats, and/or purchase additional outstanding single-seat reservations.
  • ​Members can also “create their own JETSHUTTLE” on demand. Simply share the desired itinerary (cities, dates, and time) and, depending on the day and route, the app provides a minimum number of seats and instant price for a guaranteed flight. If purchased, the rest of the seats on the flight are offered to other members. Regardless of whether the rest of the seats sell or not, the initial Member who created the JETSHUTTLE is always guaranteed to fly.
  • ​The more our membership demand increases, the more supply JetSmarter procures. It’s a win-win.
  • ​Due to the economies of scale mentioned above and pre-scheduling aircrafts to fly, we've reduced the cost of flying private aircraft significantly. This is how we are able to price our membership modestly and still have a profitable business.
  • ​JetSmarter has raised $56 million in the past two years from private sources, including the Saudi royal family, A-League executives, music moguls, and more.
  • ​It’s the fastest-growing jet club in the sky. If you’re not already capitalizing on JetSmarter, it’s time to get on board. 

Download the free JetSmarter app, become a member, and start booking private flights, on us. CALL +1-888-80-FLY-XO TO JOIN TODAY.