Experience the Luxury of Chartered Flights with JetSmarter

Experience the Luxury of Chartered Flights with JetSmarter

Chartering a flight for a vacation was once a luxury limited to the rich and famous. Today, not only is it a conceivable option for most travelers, when you consider the inconsistencies, endless fees and horrible service that’s standard with commercial travel, a chartered flight is arguably the smartest option.

If you want a truly memorable vacation, a chartered flight is the best way to travel. Not convinced? Consider these benefits:

No delays, baggage fees, lost luggage and missed connections. The quality of commercial flights has degraded in the past three decades to the point where you’re guaranteed to run into one or more of these headaches every time you travel. With chartered flights, you’ll eliminate every single one.

Pets can travel with you. With chartered flights, pet owners can bring their four-legged family member on the plane with them. No need to check them with the luggage.

It’s just you and your travel party the entire flight. Privacy is one of the luxuries you’re asked to give up with commercial flights. On a chartered flight, the vacation time starts the second you board the plane with your family and friends.

Luxury and flexibility. A private flight is synonymous with luxury. Spacious seating, leather upholstery, mahogany finishes, a full restroom and even an attentive attendant are standard features. And if you’re running late, don’t worry. Your charted flight won’t take off without you.

Ditch your broker because the easiest way to schedule a chartered flight is via the app JetSmarter, which is available in both Android’s Google Play and iOS’s App Store. With more than 3,000 aircraft from which to choose, the process for finding a flight is as simple as entering your departure and arrival locations, the number of passengers and your travel dates. The app performs a search and within seconds you receive a list of available flights with the aircraft type and wholesale pricing.

Once you request an aircraft, you can speak with a Certified Aviation Specialist to finalize the details and payment can be made immediately. It literally is as easy as 1-2-3.

Additionally, JetSmarter provides users with access to Empty Leg deals, which are significantly discounted by up to 70 percent of the cost of a regular private flight. And for frequent fliers, JetSmarter offers an annual membership with increased benefits that include up to 25 percent in additional savings per chartered flight, loyalty points and concierge services.

For your next vacation, download JetSmarter and book your flight to experience all that chartered travel has to offer.