Even if You Own a Jet, You Can Benefit From a JetSmarter Membership

Even if You Own a Jet, You Can Benefit From a JetSmarter Membership


In the private aviation industry, it is known as “supplemental lift.” What it means is having access to another way to fly privately for owners of private jets when their own aircrafts may not be available. 

For those that can truly afford the enormous expense it is to purchase, operate, and maintain their own aircraft, there may not be a better way to enjoy all the perks of flying private. However, what happens when that jet is unavailable due to a maintenance issue, or your particular jet does not have the size or range to accommodate specific travel plans?

When this occurs, rather than sliding back into the frustrating world of commercial air travel, private jet owners may be in need of an alternative way to fly private – also known as “supplemental lift.”

A JetSmarter Membership can be the ideal supplemental lift option for such private jet owners. A JetSmarter Membership can provide the on-demand flexibility needed for supplemental lift, without the expense or limitations of other alternatives such as  jet cards.

Why Not Use Jet Cards for Supplemental Lift?

Before the introduction of shared membership models such as JetSmarter’s, private jet owners often turned to jet cards for supplemental lift.

However, most jet cards require at least a minimum purchase of 25 hours. If he or she  wants to have the card around just as a back-up for when his or her aircraft is unavailable, a private jet owner may not need so many hours, Plus, with an hour of flight time on most mid-sized private jets averaging anywhere from $6000 to $8000 per hour, you can see how the initial purchase of a jet card can easily cost you over $150,000.

JetSmarter Could Be Your Best Supplemental Lift Option

If you are the owner of a private jet, and you are looking for an occasional supplemental lift option, JetSmarter may very well be your best bet.

With a JetSmarter membership there is no huge initial capital outlay like there can be when purchasing a jet card, and there is no commitment to minimum hours, making becoming part of our community the ideal back up for those times if and when you may need an alternative to your own aircraft.

Our on-demand solution will give you access to the world’s largest private aviation community, moving more annual passengers than just about anyone else in the industry. Our members receive guaranteed availability with a 24-hour notice on private charters in the continental U.S., as well as discounted rates on all shared and crowdsourced flights. Even if you only fly with us two or three times a year as your supplemental lift option, a membership will pay for itself within a few trips. On select flights you will notice a significant discount just for being a member. This discount can range anywhere from $250 to over $1000 per flight.

Even if you own your own aircraft, with a JetSmarter membership you join a community of savvy travelers that have found a great way to fly. We offer individual, family and business memberships, all tailored to your specific needs.

If you would like more information about this post, or any of our programs, please feel free to contact our team at +1-888-80-FLY-XO.

JetSmarter may offer a number of programs including whole aircraft charter, for which JetSmarter will act solely as your agent in arranging the flight, and Public Charters, for which JetSmarter will act as principal in buying and reselling the air transportation. JetSmarter does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are performed by FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers.