Most Delayed Airports in the World

Most Delayed Airports in the World

Every traveler has been there before. All you want is to be on your way to the next business meeting or you’re anxious to start your vacation and then you suffer from flight delays. While some delays are simply unavoidable like inclement weather others are attributed to poor airport design, staff, or lack of services. While some avoid all of these hassles by booking a private carrier through apps like JetSmarter, others take their chances with booking with airlines and some will be inconvenienced. A flight is considered delayed if it departs or arrives 15 minutes or more after its scheduled time and all airports will experience this at some point, but some are worse than others. Here’s a few of the world’s most delayed airports. 

This year’s award to most delayed airport in the world goes to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport only being able to receive 45% of its flights on time. Meanwhile, Beijing’s Capital International Airport has an on-time departure rating of just 38% for commercial flights. Europe’s most well-known airport for delays is Paris’ Charles de Gaulle. Coupled with its confusing layout and poor facilities, getting delayed in this airport is a nightmare. 

Many U.S. cities have airports that are included in the top 10 for both most delayed arrivals and departures. All of the New York area airports, La Guardia, JFK, and Newark International, are notorious for delays. Many of these delays are due to the large amounts of traffic that New York sees every day. Regardless, because of the large amounts of traffic that come into these airports, experiencing delays while commuting through any of these three airports is inevitable. The west coast isn’t immune either with LAX and Honolulu International Airport suffering from delays regularly due to the large amounts of air traffic from Asia and Australia. 

Clearly no one can be safe from experiencing flight delays. Korea’s Incheon International Airport and Osaka’s Kansai International Airport both claim the top spots for the least amount of delays but they are still susceptible to unavoidable delays like weather. But some delays can be avoided. Chartering planes immediately rids you of ticket lines, baggage claims and the like. And chartering a plane works around your schedule, not the other way around and chartering is easier than ever. Travel booking apps like JetSmarter make it easy to charter a plane and avoid the delays of commercial flights.