How to Plan for the Best Private Jet Experience with Your Pet

One of many great advantages of chartering an entire private jet is the ability to easily bring pets on board our jet and safely seat them with you in the cabin. 

Many private jet companies, including XO, not only invite you to bring your pets on board for private jet vacations and private travel, but also offer amenities to make them feel calm and comfortable throughout your flight with a very attentive private jet cabin crew.

Pet Travel Guidelines

Here are some guidelines that will help you plan for private jet travel with your pet: 

  • You’ll need to obtain a certification of veterinary inspection from your veterinary provider with a list of any required medications. The certification must be federally accredited, obtained within 10 days of travel, and include a photo of your pet.
  • Pets must have an updated microchip with your most current address and contact information.
  • Private carriers have different policies about the weight of your animal, and sometime certain breeds. Most require pets that weigh 100 pounds or more to lie beside you on the floor. For take-off and landing they ask that they be leashed to your seat. Smaller pets can be seated next to you. For take-off and landing they can either be seat belted in or placed in a pet carrier.
  • When flying internationally with a pet, a pet passport will usually be required. This certifies that your pet is healthy and fully vaccinated. For more information on pet passports and rules by country, please check these links:

            Pets That Travel

            Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Pets on the Vista Members’ Fleet

If you’re flying with your pet through XO on one of the 300 aircraft in the Vista Members’ fleet, you’ll receive a VistaPet Pochette — a gift pack including bio-organic, nutritional pet food from Rockster, treats created by Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux for The Dog House, wipes for salon-quality fur care, Furzu rope toys, and Kibble Pet’s water-free shampoo. During the flight, pets can also enjoy handmade Labbvenn sleep mats so they can rest near their owners. All Vista private jet cabin hosts are trained in pet first aid and pet CPR.

This helpful pet travel guide from Vista provides more detailed information on what to know for US and international private jet travel with your pet.

Pet Travel Recommendations

Plan ahead for a private vacation or private business flight with your pet with these additional tips:

  • Bring familiar food or snacks.
  • Exercise your pet before boarding.
  • Invest in a travel pad that allows your pet to relieve themselves during the flight – sometimes they will be nervous and appreciate this.
  • Bring a comforting familiar item, like a favorite blanket or toy.

Elevated Service for You and Your Pet

As part of arranging private flying and private jet experiences, XO offers elevated, personal services that include preparations for bringing your pet onboard your private flight. During the booking process, an XO Client Services specialist will gather information about your pet, including their breed, weight, and name, to prepare the best possible accommodations, including catering for them if you choose.

XO Client Services can also recommend pet-friendly hotels and resorts and arrange for pet-friendly ground transportation.

Other resources for 5-star hotels around the world that welcome pets


Private Jet Cleaning

Both before and after XO client and Member pets come onboard flights booked through XO, a high-grade deep cleaning process takes place. Antimicrobial barrier treatment and surface disinfectant products are consistently applied to aircraft interiors to provide long-term protection from bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and other microorganisms.

Registering your pet for service and support

Should you need the option to bring your pet with you in various locations on the ground and outside your pet-friendly hotel, here are some organizations that can help you certify your pet as either a service or emotional support animal.

ADA National Network

Support Pets

United Service Dog

USA Service Dogs

If you have any questions or concerns about traveling with your pet to any of the 187 countries you can access through XO — the world’s premier private aviation network — please email the XO Client Services team, available day or night to assist you.

We look forward to welcoming you and your beloved pets on board.

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