Your First Private Flight Could Be Life-Changing

Mar 28, 2024

If you have considered flying private but never went through with booking a charter jet, consider the unique benefits that come with it. Everything from customizing your itinerary to comfort to time saved make private aviation a life-changing experience. Let’s get into the top advantages of booking your first private aircraft for your next private jet vacation. 

"Just a quick note to say thank you. My flight today was excellent. I haven't flown private often, but today's experience showed me what it is supposed to be. For my first flight through XO, you did everything right; and I thank you sincerely. I am glad I was referred to XO and look forward to future flights.”

Customization and Convenience of Private Flying

With commercial aviation, flyers are tied to fixed schedules and routes created by the airlines. Oftentimes, commercial travelers need to book several flights to get to their destination if a direct flight is not available. This can result in long layovers, little time to get from plane to plane, and, in many cases, missed connecting flights, creating a stressful and inconvenient travel experience.


Unlike commercial airlines, booking a private jet offers flexibility and freedom in departure times and destinations, offering the ability to fly directly to smaller airports closer to the destination. Booking a private charter can eliminate layovers, connecting flights and long check-in procedures, allowing private travelers to gain valuable time and spend it during their vacation instead of in crowded airports and cabins. Just arrive at the fixed base operator (FBO) shortly before takeoff, present your identification, and board your private jet.


"I'm happy to report that my recent trip through XO met my expectations. Crew members were friendly and professional, departure and arrival were on schedule (if not faster), and the condition of the aircraft was top-notch. Communications with Client Service were timely and accurate. Thank you!” 

Privacy On Board

One of the biggest advantages that comes with flying private is that you get to decide who flies with you. Even in first-class cabins on commercial airliners, the seats are full of people you may not know or plan on getting to know. Booking a private charter through a company such as XO, allows you to control who takes your flight with you. For example, chartering a Citation X means you can invite up to seven fellow passengers on board (or even pets). Once on board, you can feel free to spend your time in the air how you see fit — sleeping, working, watching a movie, or alone in complete privacy, should you choose to do so. As one private flyer explains, privacy and seamless travel have a tremendous value when getting from point A to point B:


“The flight worked out great. Professional crew. More just for our privacy as well. We typically like to settle in for a quiet relaxing flight without too much interruption. Especially with our dog and 1-year-old grandson."

Elevated Service and Onboard Amenities

Private air travel excels in comfort and service. Instead of cramped quarters and crowded cabins, private flyers can relax in spacious cabins with leather-appointed seats, and amenities tailored to their needs. Forward-thinking companies like VistaJet have created wellness programs to further enhance their clients’ lifestyle on board and at their destination. 


From jetlag reducing technologies and wellbeing apps, to JING Teas single origin herbal infusions and Guerlain hydrating skincare amenities — these are just some of the many ways the VistaJet helps their private flyers feel refreshed and ready to go when they arrive at their destination. 


Private aircraft also often come equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems, allowing passengers to enjoy their favorite movies, music, or TV shows in a private and serene environment. The game-changing Global 7500 comes with four true living spaces, including a private stateroom with a permanent bed and sleeping arrangements for up to eight passengers across the cabin, as well as a cinema room with flat-screen TV, surround sound across the entire cabin, noise cancelling headphones from Bowers & Wilkins, and ambient lighting. 


 Inflight catering on private jets can also provide many more meal options than what is offered on a commercial flight however, the length of the flight is a primary consideration for what you can order. Shorter flights allow just enough time for a snack or a pre-plated light meal. Longer flights, especially international travel, provide ample time for multiple course meals to be served. VistaJet has even partnered with world-famous Nobu to offer a dish only available to VistaJet clients. The dish was an exclusive pleasure prepared for passengers flying onboard the iconic fleet of silver and red aircraft. 


All of these factors should be considered when deciding whether to make the leap to private flying. While it can come at a higher cost, the positive effects and benefits can make it a very worthwhile method of travel. 


“Just before the flight, my wife and I were actually discussing doing this particular trip by commercial flights next year and having our driver in CT drive the dogs down and back for us. Of course, the savings would be meaningful. After our flight with Jeff and Lewis, coupled with the ease of booking on the app and professionalism of the customer service group we have reminded ourselves why this is an investment in quality of life and in fact represents very good value.”


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