How to Avoid Surprises When Chartering a Private Jet

The outstanding benefits of chartering a private jet include convenience, privacy, and aircraft choice. Chartering can enable you to choose a different aircraft for each flight you take depending on your needs — longer or shorter distances, number of passengers, and onboard amenities. However, not all private jet charter companies offer a range of aircraft choice. 

If you’re new to private flying, you may be surprised to find that many companies require that you purchase a share of an aircraft before you can fly, or a long-term membership contract, or both. When chartering through XO, no ownership or long-term commitment is required, and you can access a choice of more than 2,400 safety-vetted aircraft across all cabin classes. There are no limitations.

Here are some important questions to ask before you book a private jet:  

  • Must I purchase a Membership or fractional ownership before I book a flight? 
  • What types of aircraft are available; am I limited in my choices? 
  • Will the plane require refueling stops or is it capable of flying nonstop to your destination? Would a longer-range jet be preferable?  
  • Is real-time pricing offered, as with XO?  
  • Are there any additional fees or hidden charges? 
  • What is the total weight of bags allowed on board? 
  • How far is your arrival airport from your destination? Will you need a car?  

Here are some items to check before you board your private jet: 

  • For international flights, do you have a passport for each person flying, regardless of age? You’ll need them to cross any country borders. 
  • For in-country flights, does each passenger have a valid form of identification?   
  • For children over two years old, has a seat been booked for them?  
  • For minors under 16 flying alone, has a legal guardian completed a Chain of Custody form listing the approved contact at their destination? 
  • Have you informed your provider about special medical or dietary needs?  
  • Have you provided your correct billing address and a copy of each passenger's travel documents? 
  • Have you met all required security protocols for your flight? These may include background checks, pre-flight screenings, and baggage checks. 
  • Have your requested onboard items been confirmed – special menu items, newspapers and magazines, child or pet needs?

XO is part of Vista, the world’s leading global private aviation group. Contact the XO Client Services team available day or night to answer all your questions and tailor each flight to your individual needs.