9 Reasons You Should JetSmarter

9 Reasons You Should JetSmarter

There’s a reason why people prefer flying private, and we're here to tell you why you should step aboard with JetSmarter. Not only are we making it easier for everyone to experience the luxury of private travel, we’re revolutionizing the industry as a whole. Need some convincing? Look no further.

1. When you JetSmarter, you save over three hours of your time compared to commercial travel.

Even if you’re flying first class, you still have to arrive hours before your flight, take off your shoes, belt, and remove everything from your pockets. And why is it that you’re always stuck behind someone that’s never done this before? Then, you wait in a crowded terminal only for your flight to be delayed. No thank you! We’ll stick to arriving at our private terminals 15 minutes before takeoff.

2. We’re all for spontaneity. That’s why we offer last-minute empty legs to new destinations daily.

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In case you’re not familiar, empty legs are repositioning flights that would normally fly empty. We’d hate to let them go to waste so with JetSmarter, you can book seats for you and your friends or family and enjoy a private jet getaway. Make sure you have push notifications on to be alerted when one is departing near you. 

3. Aboard our flights, you have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and potentially even make a business deal. 

We’ve heard time and time again that our passengers have made everlasting connections on board our shared flights. You’ll go from swapping business cards across captain’s chairs to shaking hands across the meeting table.

4. Forget the beverage cart rolling down the aisle, we offer specialty in-flight spirits thanks to our partnership with Pernod Ricard.

Select from a full menu of hand-crafted cocktails compliments of JetSmarter. Did we mention we also offer monthly in-flight experiences with Pernod Ricard brands? Keep an eye out for the next one in the JetSmarter app. Don’t forget to check out the Reserve Bar and enter promo code JETSMARTER at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase. 

5. This one pretty much explains itself.

Do we even need to talk about this? Yes, we do. Recline in a captain’s chair instead of sharing armrests with strangers. Also, you get the best of both worlds — an aisle seat and a window seat all in one. It doesn’t get much better than this. 

6. If you’re used to chartering a whole plane and normally have empty seats to spare, we have the ultimate solution. 

Create a charter to any destination on the globe and select the shared charter option at checkout to offer unused seats to other travelers. When someone purchases a seat on your flight, you’ll get reimbursed in flight credit to use toward a future trip. If you’re searching for seats on these shared flights, you can find them in the deals section of the app.

7. We recently rolled out a fleet with top-of-the-line amenities.

Our fully-dedicated, branded fleet of G-IV SP aircraft offer travelers a unique flying experience with complimentary gourmet catering, 4G Wi-Fi, and five-star crews. Read more about the fleet here

8. Not a member? No problem.

In case you missed our HUGE announcement, we recently started allowing non-members to book our flight services. This is perfect for anyone who wants to give us a try before committing to a membership but be warned — once you go private you may never go back. 

9. You’ll always receive more with a JetSmarter membership.Photo by @lalainboca

Whether you normally fly solo, with family, or as a company, we have a membership option for you. Get member-exclusive discounts, 24/7 concierge service, luxury partner benefits and more when you join our elite club. Learn more about our membership options here.

We hope this has given you all the more reason to #JetSmarter. See you in the skies!