6 Benefits of Using a Private Jet

6 Benefits of Using a Private Jet

Private jets have long been associated with glamor and prestige. But did you know that it’s easier than ever to fly like a celebrity even if you don’t have millions in your bank account? Here are just six reasons to charter a private jet for your next trip.

If you’re tired of lengthy lines and embarrassing searches at the airport, a private jet can banish them all into the realm of a bad dream. When you charter a personal plane, you can board it without the fuss and fanfare of public security checkpoints. No more “random checks” for you!

Never again suffer six hours of someone kicking the back of your seat. Never again listen to a baby cry for the entire flight. You choose your company on a private jet, meaning that your family, friends and business associates can all ride in comfort with you.

It’s easier than ever to charter a private jet. Gone are the days when it took multiple phone calls and pilot-to-passenger arrangements; in 2014, it’s as simple as using a mobile travel app like JetSmarter. You can charter a jet to your own specifications with nothing more than a swipe of your finger.

It only takes one delayed flight to ruin a business deal. Eliminate the uncertainty of modern airline schedules by chartering your own jet that will arrive, leave and take off exactly when you want it. Since you won’t be going through extensive security either, you can save hours in overall department times.

Say goodbye to packaged peanuts and pitiful movie selections. When you book a private jet, you can choose your own level of extravagance, and the most luxurious come with everything from catering services to full-service bars. If you’ve never enjoyed a cocktail 30,000 feet in the air, this is your chance.

Do you know who’s really flying your plane? Some private jet companies will actually let you choose your pilot depending on things like name, experience and logged flight hours. You can also decide how many flight attendants and crew members that you need to make it a comfortable journey.

These are just six benefits that you’ll enjoy if you charter a private jet for your next flight. When luxury is more convenient and affordable than ever, there’s simply no reason to put yourself at the mercy of commercial flights.