Knox County Regional Airport

Knox County Regional Airport, or RKD, is a county-owned, public-use airport in the town of Owls Head, Knox County, Maine. Categorized by the FAA as a primary commercial service airport, the airport serves residents of midcoast Maine with commercial (subsidized by the Essential Air Service Program) and charter aviation services. For the 12 months ending July 31st, 2010, the airport had 55,125 aircraft operations, 76% general aviation, 18% air taxi, 5% scheduled commercial, and less than 1% military. At the time, there were 79 aircraft based at the airport, 95% single-engine, 3% multi-engine, 1% jet, and 1% helicopter. The airport covers 538 acres, and there are two runways: 13/31, which is 5,007 by 100 feet (asphalt), and 3/21, which is 4,000 by 100 feet (asphalt).

Airport history

RKD originated in 1939 as a Works Projects Administration project, as 450 acres of swampland were converted to public use. During WW II, the airport was taken over by the US Navy, operating as Rockland Naval Auxiliary Air Facility (although it was locally known as Ash Point Naval Air Station). As such, the airport was used as a naval training base supporting the Brunswick Naval Air Station. On February 1st, 1946, the airport was returned to the City of Rockland for use as a civil airport. The city continued operating the airport until 1968, at which point the airport was transferred to Knox County and renamed Knox County Regional Airport. Runway 17/35 was abandoned the following year, leaving the two current runways remaining. Then, the county began to refurbish many of the other facilities at the airport. In 1971, the Knox County Airport Commission was established, and a full-time Airport Manager was appointed. Furthermore, the county began accepting federal funds for airport improvement projects, including expanding the runways, completing an environmentally friendly terminal, and installing an Instrument Landing System.

Airport location

The airport is located three nautical miles south of the central business district of Rockland, Maine. 

Airport facts

  • The Owls Head Transportation Museum is located on what once was Runway 17/35, featuring antique autos, aircraft, and engines. 
  • RKD becomes one of Maine's busiest airports during the summer, with significant private jet operations bringing visitors to the Penobscot Bay region. 
  • RDK is home to the Knox County Flying Club, whereas Downeast Air supplies fuel services)which also supply charter services).

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